How can I revise English?!


For all revision, you need to think ahead to what skills you will need in the exam, and then how you build them up.  You need to do some LEARNING of important information (such as quotes and context for Literature), and some PRACTISING of applying skills (both Lang and Lit).   Here are some ideas, but of course, come up with some of your own…  There ARE NO SHORTCUTS.  JUST DO IT!

– Read lots of things – articles, books, newspapers – and think about the language and structure used by the writer as well as GAP (genre, audience, purpose)
– Make a vocabulary bank or glossary
– Talk to people about the things you are reading

– Exam practice – no shortcuts!!  Remember, the exam papers have both reading and writing sections to them, so you need to practise BOTH.  Remember to use a TIMER to help you – do some without the timer, and then build up to work at speed.

– Re-read each text
– Collate key quotes for characters, themes, poems, structural features etc.
– Test yourself on quotes – use online quizzes, make your own flashcards, write your own tests and then test yourself, use snapchat to record key quotes and then replay them, create audio files or video clips about each text or character… BE CREATIVE!
– Research and make notes on the context of each text

– Essay practice – no shortcuts here either!  You know what you’ve got to do… so JUST DO IT!

A timer is your friend.  USE ONE.

You can do this people.  Do your best, be efficient, work hard, and be proud of what you achieve.


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