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Year 9: AIC prep for Monday


Watch this:

More context:

The BBC context video:


Year 10: timed question on Weds


You need to have re-read Act 5.  Think about how the key themes of the play are woven into this Act or brought to completion, and how the dramatic structure of the play supports this.  Pay particular attention to Scenes 5, 8 and 9.


Year 11: Paper 1, Question 5


The homework from today’s lesson:
To write a timed response (40 minutes), describing one of the following:

  • A beach
  • A seaside town
  • A swimming pool

Think about what perspective you could write from.  How creative can you be?  What language devices can you use?  Remember to think carefully about your vocabulary. Use PIPS to help you (vary your…paragraphs, interesting detail, punctuation and sentences).

Some resources to help you revise:
Paper 1 Question 5 – sample paragraph – the beach

Descriptive writing:
Narrative writing: