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Year 11: Mock exam survival!


Mock exam season has arrived.  It’s really important that you:

  • Get enough rest – SLEEP is vital for getting through the mocks without burning out.
  • Drink enough water – your brain needs to stay hydrated to function properly.
  • Revise effectively – anything you do now will be last minute, so you need to rely on the work you have done up until now, and refresh your memory.  Vary HOW you do this.
  • Keep it in perspective!  At the end of the day, you are MORE than your exam results.

Here are some more top tips:

Year 10: AO3 connections


Sentence starters:

  • This connects to society in the 21st Century because…
  • This could reflect the morals of 19th C/20th C/ 21st C society because…
  • The theme of … is therefore brought out by…
  • The poet could be making the social comment that…
  • The universal theme of … is the subject of this text because…
  • This reveals … about human nature as…