Year 9 half term homework


Due Tues 1st November.

Refresh the your knowledge of the following poems by reading them, reading about them on the website, and answering the questions (in the back of your book):

Remains, Poppies, Charge of the Light Brigade and Checking Out Me History.

  1. Remains:
  2. Poppies:  Copy of poem:
  3. Charge of the Light Brigade:
  4. Checking Out Me History:


  1. What image stands out to you in Remains?  What is the impact on the reader?
  2. What is the main emotion in the poem?
  3. How has Tennyson structured the poem?  Why?
  4. What is John Agard’s message in this poem?

P.S. Copy and paste the websites into your browser if the links don’t work!


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