Year 10: summer holiday work :-0


Year 10:

Well done for a great year.  You have worked really hard.  Let’s keep the MOMENTUM up now.  Make sure you get a rest, but here’s your ‘to do’ list for the summer.


Make sure everything is ORGANISED!

  1. Poetry: check all poems are annotated, and re-annotate if necessary.
  2. AIC: re-read the play, and/or watch it here:  It’s a fairly grainy version, but it stays close to the text.
  3. J+H: re-read.  Take it slowly.  Use the revision guide to help you – I would recommend working through the questions at the end of each chapter, as they are really good.  This will help you really get to know the text, which will give you confidence and ideas for essay writing.
  4. Macbeth:recap what we have studied so far – Acts 1 – 3.  We will complete this in September.


Complete the Language Paper Pack.  We have been through Paper 1 in class.  Give the papers your best shot.  I would recommend that you take the READING sections in your own time, but then time yourself 45 minutes for the WRITING sections.  Read the questions carefully!  Pace yourself, e.g. do 1 paper per week.


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