Year 7: Great Expectation predictions


Pip has just seen Estella after a long time.

Our predictions are:

  • Estella will get married to Pip, but on their wedding day, she won’t turn up
  • When Pip goes back to London, he finds Estella and is friendly with her
  • Biddy gets jealous of Estella and sends Orlick to kill Estella
  • Pip will get pressurised by Miss Havisham to marry Estella
  • Biddy marries Orlick
  • Estella actually falls in love with Pip and they do get married
  • Estella and Pip have a fight in London
  • Miss Havisham plans Estella and Pip’s lives
  • When Pip comes back next time, Miss Havisham is dead

3 responses »

  1. I think Mrs Havisham will get Estella married to someone else, but he dies later on and so will Mrs Havisham. Pip and Estella can then get married. Happily ever after. I think!


  2. I think that Estella will not marry Pip because she could take revenge miss Havisham and marry someone that is mean. if she does this then pip would be heartbroken because he had fallen in love with Estella and might think that she has just used him like Herbert said ” Miss Havisham is using Estella to make revenge on every man because of what happened on her wedding day.”


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