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Year 7: Great Expectation predictions


Pip has just seen Estella after a long time.

Our predictions are:

  • Estella will get married to Pip, but on their wedding day, she won’t turn up
  • When Pip goes back to London, he finds Estella and is friendly with her
  • Biddy gets jealous of Estella and sends Orlick to kill Estella
  • Pip will get pressurised by Miss Havisham to marry Estella
  • Biddy marries Orlick
  • Estella actually falls in love with Pip and they do get married
  • Estella and Pip have a fight in London
  • Miss Havisham plans Estella and Pip’s lives
  • When Pip comes back next time, Miss Havisham is dead

Year 11: Revision ideas


Hi Year 11,

I hope you’ve been having a productive couple of weeks!  Here are some ideas to keep you going with English revision:

  • Make a PLAN!
  • Make revision cards
  • Tell everyone you see what you know
  • Mind map with lots of colour
  • Re-read the key texts
  • Surf the internet for non-fiction articles
  • Past papers and timed essays – VITAL!


  • TIME yourself, e.g. do 45 mins revision and then break for 15 mins
  • FACE whatever it is you are most unsure of.  It won’t be half as scary once you’ve started