Year 9: Homework for Mon 21st March

  1. Please leave a comment on the blog to answer this question:
    Who do you think is most to blame for the death of Eva Smith?  Explain why.
  2. Add to your notes in your book about the audience’s response to the play by answering this question:
    Why do you think Priestley doesn’t answer all the questions at the end of the play?



7 responses »

  1. In my opinion, i think Mr Birling is most to blame because if he didn’t refuse her pay raise and make her lose her job none of the other things would of happened that connect Shelia,Eric,Sybil and Gerald to Eva death.


  2. According to my opinion, Mrs birling is the most to blame because Sybil Birling was the last person, Eva came to and because of her horrible response, this linked to Eva finding no way out and committing suicide to save herself from further trouble.


  3. in my opinion i believe that all of the family shared an equal part in eva smiths death. they all lead her on to hating herself and lead her to make rough decisions in her life. it all started from mr birling and ended with mrs birling. however one person that stood out in all of this and i think it was sheila. i think this because after mr birling fired her , she had another chance to gain her good life and job back but because sheilas was jealous of her beauty she broke her chances. however , she didnt let her have this good paying job so she was not able to have a normal life as she was a given a great chance of doing this by working at milwards. Also, i equally think gerald had a big part in her death as she was madly in love with him but he left her when she really needed help and did not give her anything.


  4. In my opinion I honeslty think no one is to blame in the family, they never did anything as tragic to make her commit suicide. Okay I do agree they made Eva hate herself but still nothing to such an extent to make her commit suicide, but because I have to pick one I think the most to blame is Sheila as Eva did have a chance to start a new life/ career again but because of Sheila’s jelousy of Eva she ruined her chances to start again.


  5. There are many reasons for the death of Eva smith.Each one of the Birling family and Gerald pushed Eva a little closer to suicide but no one person was responsible for her death.It was not only the Birlings who contributedo Eva smiths death but the position in the world she was in, she was very poor and low in society.


  6. In my opinion, Sheila is one to blame because she is the one who got Eva Smith fired just because Eva looked better in a dress and was much prettier.


  7. i think that mr birling was to blame because if he did not sack Eva smith just for asking for a slight pay rise then she would not have ended up in all the senarios


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