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Year 10: the Gothic in J&H


A few interesting articles from the British Library…

Here’s a useful video link too:


Year 11 homework for Mon 21st March


Firstly, well done on your debating.  Good job, people.

Homework for Monday: I have attached a document called “LitCharts” for AIC.  Please read the THEMES section ready for Monday’s lesson.  There will be a short test on this at the beginning of the lesson.  The themes are:

  • Wealth, power and influence
  • Blame and responsibility
  • Public vs private
  • Class politics
  • Morality and legality


In Monday’s lesson, I will:

  1. Check your non-fiction reading log
  2. Give you back your essays so you can respond to feedback

Year 7: Great Expectations homework


Year 7: you need to write another PEE paragraph on Pip’s feelings in Chapter 1.  Attached is Chapter 1 to help you find another example.  Great Expectations – Chapter 1  Below is the step-by-step example we looked at in class:

1)   How is Pip FEELING in Chapter 1?

In Chapter 1, Pip is feeling petrified and in a state of shock,

2)   Select a QUOTE to show this.

‘ “Hold your noise!” cried a terrible voice.’ (p12)

3)  What does this SUGGEST? (Explain what this means in your own words).

This suggests that Pip has been startled as he thought he was on his own in the graveyard and did not expect to hear a strange voice.

4) Which INDIVIDUAL WORDS or PHRASES does Dickens use to reveal Pip’s FEELINGS of FEAR and TERROR?

Dickens uses the word terrible’ to reveal his fear and terror.

5)   This makes me feel/realise/understand/ consider/wonder

This makes me realise that Pip could be in a lot of danger on his own in a graveyard because of the convict.