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Year 10: book reviews


Go on a book review trail here….  and collect some sophisticated vocabulary.

Use this … to find some new words to use.


Year 11: context comments for TKAM


Here are some contextual comments you can embed into your essay.  Please send me yours.  Thanks to Noor and Maria for these…

  • The issues of racism that are demonstrated in the novel are still relevant issues that society is dealing with today.  The popularity of the novel and film “The Help” is a clear example of this – set in the 1960s when Lee was writing, it also deals with the prejudices in society, showing that the themes and specific context Lee addresses are still pertinent.
  • Lee also deals with issues of economic struggle, as demonstrated through the Ewell and Cunningham families.  Lee was personally affected by the Great Depression in America, and the strain that economic poverty has on society and the relationships between people of different people is one that is still relevant today.

Year 11: more contextual links…


A great website:

Clips from the BBC:

Relevance of TKAM today:

Timeline of civil rights movement: a-civil-rights-movement-timeline-1954-1969-2-728

Biography of Martin Luther King:

Slavery and segregation in the USA:

Powerpoints with key information: To Kill a Mockingbird Historical and Background Information social historical context

Go on a trail!  Follow the relevant links on the websites.

Think about:

  • What are the main themes in the novel?
  • What is Lee saying about the whole of humanity?
  • What connections are there to art/creative expression/topics being discussed TODAY?

Year 11: A tribute to Harper Lee


Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favourite novels of all time – I’m sure the same could be said by thousands of others.  So, as we revise TKAM for the GCSE Literature exam, let’s remember the impact her ideas have had on so many.

Have a read of this:

And yes, this can be used in your exam!  Have a look at AO4…

Year 10: half-term reading


Dear Year 10,

Please find below some FASCINATING reading for you to do before our first lesson after half term.  It’s on Jekyll and Hyde.  You need to read the BBC Bitesize notes, and then read the attached document.  There is a task to complete – highlighting extracts with Gothic features.



Year 11: Non-fiction reading log


Here are the links to the articles: