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Year 7: The boy who cried wolf


Here’s a copy of the story we talked about in class today:


Year 10: AIC questions on Act 2


Year 10: excellent discussion in class today.

Key topics: Priestley’s stagecraft and characterization.

Key words: empathy, compassion, conflict, contrast, interrogation, practical.

Please consolidate your ideas by writing 2 bullet points per question:

  1. Why does JBP choose to have a break at this point?
  1. Why does he focus on one character at once?
  1. How has he built up our feelings for the characters?
  1. Why does he choose to move Gerald from the stage during this part of the play?
  1. How has he prepared us for what will happen in act 3?
  1. What does the audience expect to happen in Act 3?
  1. What has been the function of the Inspector in Act 2?