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Sample Question 4


Here’s a full marks answer…

Sample Question 4


Year 9: persuasive speech preparation (PLP)


Use the planning sheet to help you structure your speech.  You can make more than 3 main points.

Use the top tips sheet to help you prepare to deliver your speech.  Remember, you must not just read out your speech, but use notes to prompt you and make it sound more natural.

You will deliver the speech on Wednesday 1st April.

Persuasive Speech Plan

Speech top tips

Macbeth: strong emotions/relationships in the play


Key questions:

  1. Who is most responsible for the bloodshed in the play? What does this tell us about their relationship? Masuma
  2. What terms of endearment/address do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth use? What does this signify about their relationship? Noor 
  3. What does the use of the supernatural in the play tell us about their relationship? Nur
  4. What does their relationship/language tell the audience (now and then) about gender dynamics? Zara
  5. What does religious imagery in the play tell us about their relationship? Misbah
  6. What does the outcome of the plot imply about Shakespeare’s view of their relationship? Yussra
  7. What does the development/changes in their relationship reveal? Maria
  8. How might “the curse of the Scottish play” provide some comparisons with The Laboratory? Amaani
  9. Are there any key similarities between the relationship of Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, and the protagonist of The Laboratory and her relationship with either the apothecary or her lover? Noora
  10. Are there any key differences in the emotions of the protagonist in The Laboratory and Lady Macbeth, and how these emotions are portrayed? Nabeela

Motions for next week


The motions we will be debating next week are:

1. This house believes equipment in schools should be free to pupils.

2. This house believes the Government should pay for a holiday for those who cannot afford it, once in their lifetime.

You will find out your teams on Monday!

Have a look at this video to get some tips on giving/refusing Points of  Information: